Read With a Bouquet of Twelve Roses of General William Booth enters into Heaven and other Poems, free online book, by Vachel Lindsay, on

  I saw Lord Buddha towering by my gate
  Saying:  “Once more, good youth, I stand and wait.” 
  Saying:  “I bring you my fair Law of Peace
  And from your withering passion full release;
  Release from that white hand that stabbed you so. 
  The road is calling.  With the wind you go,
  Forgetting her imperious disdain
  Quenching all memory in the sun and rain.”

  “Excellent Lord, I come.  But first,” I said,
  “Grant that I bring her these twelve roses red. 
  Yea, twelve flower kisses for her rose-leaf mouth,
  And then indeed I go in bitter drouth
  To that far valley where your river flows
  In Peace, that once I found in every rose.”