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King Sigismund and Pope John XXIII, the two vilest men then living on the face of the earth, were the rulers of the Christian world, and they agreed to call a General Council at Constance, in Baden, near Switzerland, for No, 1414, in order to end the Schism, to begin the sorely needed reform of the Church, and to settle the heresies of Wiclif and Hus.

Heir to his childless brother Wenzel’s Bohemian crown, King Sigismund of Hungary was naturally anxious to have the stain of heresy removed from the fair land that was now the talk of the world, and he ordered three Bohemian noblemen to protect Hus on his way to Constance, during his stay at the Council, and on his return to Bohemia.

Even Divucek, one of Sigismund’s envoys, warned Hus, “Master, be sure that thou wilt be condemned.”

Thinking he was going to his death, Hus put his house in order, got a certificate of orthodoxy from his bishop, and bade farewell to his people “Beloved, if my death ought to contribute to the Master’s glory, pray that it may come quickly and that He may enable me to support all my calamities with constancy. You will probably nevermore behold my face at Prag.”

He set out on Oc, as boldly as later Luther to Worms.