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1. Keep the body strong that the most efficient work may be done, the greatest happiness obtained during life and a wholesome inheritance passed on to future generations.

2. Cultivate the mind, learning as many important facts as possible, striving to become expert in some particular field of endeavor.

3. Develop a scientific spirit, the essential characteristic of which is a search for Truth in the light of evidence and reason. Do not deceive yourself or others.

4. Base your spiritual concepts on the latest developments of Evolution. Be prepared to change your philosophy to conform to the consensus of scientific opinion.

5. Conduct all human relationships in a spirit of tolerance and love, having proper consideration for others, not presuming to control their lives.

6. Treat the opposite sex honorably, respecting their complementary qualities, with due regard for succeeding generations.

7. Endeavor to embody in the laws of the community the spirit of equity and progress.

8. Strive for an economic system under which each individual shall be rewarded according to his or her value to society.

9. Avoid the use of physical force for personal revenge or national aggrandizement, having learned from experience that reason triumphs while brutality degrades.

10. Hold yourself in readiness to accept new revelations.