Happiness Quotes Puzzle
Happiness Quotes Puzzle
Instructions: Match the quotes on the left with the correct author name. Move the author names to the correct place by dragging them up or down.
  • The unhappy are egotistical, base, unjust, cruel, and even less capable of understanding one another than are idiots. Unhappiness does not unite people, but separates them.
  • To-day, whatever may annoy, The word for me is Joy, just simple Joy.
  • O let us love our occupations, Bless the squire and his relations, Live upon our daily rations, And always know our proper stations.
  • Happy the man whose wish and care A few paternal acres bound‚ Content to breathe his native air In his own ground.
  • The last man! Yes I may well describe that solitary being's feelings, feeling myself as the last relic of a beloved race, my companions extinct before me...
  1. Anton Chekhov
  2. Charles Dickens
  3. John Kendrick Bangs
  4. Alexander Pope
  5. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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