Brideshead Revisited Quiz

Quiz on Evelyn Waugh

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1: Who is Aloysius?
Sebastian's teddy bear
A friend of Lady Marchmain's
Julia's tortoise
Charles's scout at Oxford
2: Who is the youngest member of the Flyte family?
3: Who warns Charles against the dangers of "charm"?
Boy Mulcaster
Lord Marchmain
Anthony Blanche
4: Who is Mr Samgrass?
Lord Marchmain's valet
An Oxford don who is manipulated by Lady Marchmain into watching Sebastian
A poet friend of Lady Marchmain's
The man whose motor car Sebastian continually borrows
5: Who warns Charles that Sebastian will become an alcoholic?
Anthony Blanche
Boy Mulcaster
Lord Marchmain
6: More than a year after Sebastian runs away, Charles finds him living where?
7: How does Anthony Blanche react to Charles's Latin American art exhibition?
He thinks Charles has finally achieved something of note
He refuses to believe Charles really painted the pictures
He insists that both he and Charles know the work is terrible
He is not interested in Charles's art anymore
8: What does Cordelia tell Charles about Sebastian towards the end of the novel?
He is living with Kurt in France
He has returned to England
He is living with Anthony in France
He is dying in a Tunisian monastery
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