Schooled, Chapter 1-15

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1: Why was Cap made to live with a foster family?
His mother was violent with him.
His family was killed and there was no one to care for him.
His grandmother was hurt and had to stay in the hospital.
He had run away from home.
2: What was unusual about the mom in the foster family?
She was extremely tall.
She used to live at Garland and knew Rain.
She looked exactly like Cap's mother.
She wore hippie clothes.
3: Why did Cap seem so clueless about everything at Claverage Middle School?
He was not very smart.
He truly hadn't experienced any of what he currently was experiencing.
He had a concussion.
He lost his hearing.
4: Who was Cap's first real friend?
5: Naomi's feelings toward Zach began to change because she -
found out Zach stole her sandals.
thought he was the worst brother ever.
was falling in love with him.
started liking Cap.
6: Why did Cap get handcuffed and brought to the police station?
The policemen thought he was someone else.
He drove a school bus to the hospital.
He stole Sophie's jewelry.
He was caught for speeding in a school zone.
7: How did Sophie like having Cap live with her?
She loved the company.
She wished he was nicer.
She was angry that he was a boy.
She hated having Cap at her house.
8: What is the name of the show that Cap and Sophie watch together?
Trigonometry and Tears
Teens and Tears
Tattle and Tell
Thank the Tank
9: What instrument does Cap know how to play?
10: What does Cap engrave on Sophie's bracelet?
To my loving daughter
Day Tripper
All you need is love
March 14
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